20 years experience in digital media, multimedia production and management.
    Event, video game, tourist industry, product development and software businesses.

    My work and education have resulted in many projects outside of Norway. This has made me a versatile and team oriented person.

    Having lived abroad for 9 years of my adult life has made me fluent in English and Norwegian, both written and oral. I also speak basic Spanish.

    The information below about my work experience and education will help demonstrate my skills. A natural ability to acquire new knowledge has been of great importance in all these jobs.

    Team work, Project Management, Digital Strategist, E-commerce, Social media, SEO / SEM, Content Marketing, Marketing automation, Accountability and Multi-media production.


    The next time you feel compelled to micromanage someone you’re working with, say the magic words: “I’ll let you figure it out.” You’d be surprised at how capable most people are. Sure, mistakes are bound to happen, but it will ultimately result in more confident, self-reliant workers.


    Visit Locally

    Co-founder / Owner. 2017 - present.

    We believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.



    That’s why we’re not a traditional provider of web platforms.

    visitlocal.ly is a digital business model that integrates all web traffic in one location and creates synergies — so your destination can fully release its potential for value creation.

    Eltempo ebikes

    Co-founder / Owner. 2016 - Present.

    Eltempo is a Norwegian E-bike company focused around the foldable ebike Eltempo Metro.



    We launched the ebike in 2017 and sold e-bikes for 2 million NOK in less than 12 months.
    Key responsibilities:
    Digital strategy and execution, online sales and b2b sales.

    Visit Telemark / Telemark Super Ski

    Portal Manager / Marketing Manager – Present

    Portal manager VisitTelemark.com
    Project manager and portal manager for Telemarks new website: www.visittelemark.no
    The solution will continue to develop with functionality, as well as being offered to other destinations and companies within travel, service & leisure in Telemark.

    Marketing manager Telemark Super Ski
    Telemark Super Ski is the largest skiing region in Norway, consisting of the destinations Rauland, Gaustablikk, Vierli, Vrådal, Haukelifjell, Lifjell and Gautefall.
    The organisation is used for joint marketing in Norway and Denmark.

    The role is to coordinate campaigns with Innovation Norway and Color Line, as well as put up proposals for, and implement marketing activities in Norway.

    Campaign includes TV-commercials, Web-TV commercials, SEO, SEM, E-commerce, Social Media,  content marketing and retargeting.


    Rauland Turist AS

    Destination manager Rauland – Present

    Destination manager in one of Norways top 5 tourist municipalities; Vinje.
    Responsible for the marketing and communication of Norways 4th largest alpine destination; Rauland.
    Focus on developing Rauland to have Norways highest growth in the market of leisure real estate, privately owned cabins and apartments.

    Key responsibilities revolve around marketing automation and digital marketing. As well as the tactics described above with Telemark Super Ski.
    Chief editor of the yearly Rauland Magazine.


    - Lead & Sales funnels
    (Instapage, Leadpages, Mailchimp, ClickFunnels ++)
    - Ecommerce
    (Wordpress + WooCommerce, eZ systems)
    - Newsletters
    (Mailchimp + Apsis)
    - Social Media marketing
    (Facebook & Instagram, custom audiences, retargeting, FB pixels ++)
    - SoMe organic traffic
    (Facebook & Instagram strategy / tactics)
    - Google Adwords
    (Retargeting through display, Youtube, Search engine ads ++ )
    - Organic SEO
    - PR (PR strategy)


    Previous job:
    Electronic Arts - EA Games

    Localisation Testing Project Manager
    Project manager for the worlds largest video game producer and distributor, Electronic Arts (EA Games).

    Responsible for the quality and readiness of the product to 16 international markets.
    Manage and deliver multilingual, multiplatform linguistic testing projects, within the timelines, quality and budget expected by EA, constantly improving the overall efficiency of the team and relevant processes.

    •    Responsible for the overall smooth running and final timely delivery of the assigned projects, from cost planning and preproduction, to first party approval or launch date.
    •    In collaboration with the Senior Project Managers, research, propose , and implement best practice tools, processes and communication lines, within the specific projects they manage
    •    Under the supervision of the LT Senior Project Managers or Project Managers, help build project budgets, track them, identify resources for the projects, and own the project budget and objectives.
    •    First point of escalation for all project issues for own projects
    •    Under the supervision reforecast projects on a monthly basis, and provide regular reports as required to the different stakeholders.

    Games credited:
    (List is incomplete, full list can be supplied)

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    Telemark County, Norway